Science Chat #3 | open science, open data, open knowledge with Julieta

In this session we learned how powerful open science practices are to produce better scientific knowledge in a more inclusive and fair way. We heared about ‘open knowledge’ and what it means for different domains and fields such as government statistics, culture and science. We focused on open science and its multiple practices: open access to publications, open data, open notebooks, open educational resources… Even open hardware! Finally it was illustrated how these concepts are applied by different people around the world specifically working on the fields of conservation ecology and environmental justice.

Julieta Arancio is a PhD student on Science & Technology Studies from Buenos Aires – Argentina (Centro de Investigaciones para la Transformación-UNSAM), studying the open science hardware movement in Latin America and Africa. As an open science and hardware advocate she runs citizen science air quality projects, co-organizes the Latin America Network of Free/Libre Technologies for Research and Education, and co-funded Open Hardware Leaders, a global mentorship program for supporting those working on open technologies.