Science Chat #9 | Rights of nature with Grant, Shrishtee and Evgenija

Water is essential for life. Yet in the eyes of the law, it remains largely unprotected -leaving many communities without access to safe drinking water. Three international law experts will tell about their own experience on this topic. Shrishtee is an activist-researcher based in Pune, India. She works with an environmental action group-Kalpavriksh and she is also actively engaged in researching and advocacy of rights of rivers in India. Grant Wilson is the Executive Director of Earth Law Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing a new generation of “ecocentric” laws, including those giving legal rights to nature. Evgenija Krstevska is a environmental lawyer and activist, mountaineer and PhD candidate in international relations and conflict management. She started her own project called Water4changes as an initiative for implementing water and sanitation as a fundamental human right in Macedonia.