Science Chat #14 | Art and Science with Lisa and Seila

Dr. Lisa Blackmore, Senior Lecturer in Art History and Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Essex, will be talking about ways in which arts and sciences overlap in transdisciplinary encounters as artists and researchers come together around bodies of water. She will take us through a long history of encounters with rivers through examples, including those from entre—ríos, an international network of collaborations between the UK and Latin America.

Seila Fernández Arconada is a multidisciplinary artist-researcher. Her process-based work explores artistic methods focused on socio-environmental concerns emerging from water. Seila has exhibited internationally and lead numerous workshops where participatory and collaborative research methodologies with professionals from other disciplines and community members were vital. She will share some glimpses of her work, including her current project, ‘#FloatingStudio, when the river sounds like the river Amazon’; a project for dialogue with the territory while travelling at the river Amazon from source to mouth.