Science Chat #18 | Living Deltas with Virginia

River deltas comprise only one per cent of global landscapes yet support over half a billion people through their rich resources and economic opportunities. Today however, delta ecosystems are being altered at a greater rate than at any time in history and face existential threats from over-exploitation of natural resources, climate change and predicted sea level rise, combined with changing sediment budgets, saline intrusion and sinking land. South and Southeast Asian deltas are among the world’s most vulnerable. Ginnie Panizzo talks about the research of the Living Deltas Hub. A large transdisciplinary UK funded project which aims to protect delta dweller livelihoods and inform on policy for delta sustainability.

More information on this project can be found on the website of the Living Deltas Hub. Here you can check out their twitter feed and be up to date on their newsletter, job/studying opportunities, etc.