Youth River Guardians | Lim Pilot Project

What’s the project about?

Rivers are not only useful for the energy or the materials they provide, they constitute rich natural ecosystems, unique landscapes and offer places for relaxation and contact with nature. Nowadays, too little consideration is given in river management to these values. The idea of this project is to increase connection of local kids with rivers and to raise their awareness of the diverse and essential values of natural rivers. The Lim Regatta would be an excellent opportunity to connect with Montenegrin kids and make a first trial of our project. To do so, we will give them a complete experience of the river, its ecosystem and the biodiversity it holds, its morphology or also its cultural significance. Practically, we would like to organize a series of workshops with the help of specialists where the kids could re-discover the Lim river and its challenges (e.g. illegal dumping of waste). The workshops could include: an art competition using natural materials and collected waste; the study of species existing along the river (e.g. BioBlitz); interviews with elderly people; game sessions on the lifecycle of water and waste.

We also want the children to be proactive and share with each other what the rivers mean to them and to imagine themselves in the role of local politicians or members of NGO. What decisions will they make to preserve this ecosystem and its unique values?

 We hope to make this experience as fun and inspiring as possible so that they become the Guardians of the Lim Valley.

Why do we need your help?/How can you help?

We are only at the beginning of the project and we are looking for young and motivated people to bring new ideas, help develop the project, overcome the future challenges we will face and make it succeed 😀

So if you love rivers, if you are interested in working with children or if you are simply curious about this project, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Who’s the team behind the project?

Constance Brouillet is French and freshly graduated student from EPFL (Switzerland) where she completed her MSc in Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Reflecting on her future, she is looking for a job/PhD that will contribute to a better management of our natural resources. 

Semra Mahmutović is an environmental activist from Montenegro and member of River Collective Team. Her main goal is to inspire and empower local communities and future scientists to value and protect rivers and nature.