Through the eye of a river | Lim Pilot Project

The vision of this project is to create a graphical book showing the reader our love for rivers. Why do
we love rivers in such an indispensable way? – Because we are lucky. We got the opportunity to spent
some of our lifetime with a river. We could sense the growing versatility fed by the rivers flow. We
learned to respect its force. And we want everyone to have the same opportunity with this book: to
experience a river, explore and see all the life that grows from it, our life included.
With illustrations of rivers, rather than using written language, the book is able to speak the direct
language of one of our senses, the eye. That way the book is for young and old, so we can make
rivers accessible for almost everyone. Further, graphics can emphasise specific topics that are
important to us.
The book reveals our favourite rivers of the world and every river is portrayed with its unique
wildlife. This is contrasted with the heart-breaking fact of human overuse and exploitation and the
destructive consequences for the entire river system. So, the reader is shown different perspectives
on how to live with the rivers. Above all the book presents the river habitat, its versatile wildlife and
tremendous diversity of species.
We know that human life, among so many, depends on fresh water of free flowing rivers. Even more,
human civilisation moves along river systems using the fertile soil of the wetlands and choosing
home on fluvial plains and terraces. While reading the book you will be taken on a live river
adventure around the World. You can look forward to an overwhelming selection of unique
ecosystems and human cultures.
“…I had a flashback of all the things which happened on this tour. Like something from a book!” Rok
Rozman, The Undamaged
Here it is “Through the eye of a river”!