Science Chat #24 | The Power of Podcasts

Podcasts are emerging and an excellent media to tell stories, communicate ideas, inspire, and change paradigms. But how to make an engaging podcast series, that gets people thinking? In this science chat, we talk with two podcast experts that have made a series about rivers or conservation. They give some insights into the challenges that lie ahead when dreaming about a podcast series that will change the world.

Groene Oren by Martijn van Tol.
This podcast series interviews special animals that live in the Dutch forests about their daily life. The animals are characterised by famous comedians, resulting in a look into the life of these animals and their dependence on the ecosystems with humor. Martijn produces this series for Staatsbosbeheer, the organisation that manages the forests in the Netherlands, continuously aiming to improve the habitats of endangered species. Martijn operates from deStudio.

Rivierverhalen by Wim Eikelboom
Rivers that flow gently bring along stories that Wim captures in his Dutch podcast series called river stories. The first series is about the IJssel, his home river. Stories about people for whom this river is of great importance; about ice and high water, about incredible cloudy skies, about nature along the river banks and famous inhabitants of the river landscape.