Dart Fest

The River Collective are proud to continue engaging with local water communities through Dart Fest! This small community festival will take place on Saturday 9th September at Schumacher College on the last full day of the 2023 Students for Rivers Camp on the River Dart. We are inviting local residents, artists, scientists and musicians together to celebrate the waters that connect us during an afternoon of talks, displays and group discussions. Dart Fest will offer participants of the Students for Rivers Camp the opportunity to share what they have learned about the Dart’s journey from river to coast after an immersive week of field trips, creative practices and workshops with local speakers. We also look forward to hearing from Schumacher College Movement, Mind and Ecology students, fostering an exchange of ideas to nurture connections between society and waterscapes. More information on the program will follow here. 

Dart Fest will be a grounding moment after the first UK-based Students for Rivers Camp, allowing us to give thanks to the local community for sharing their stories with us. We are excited by the growth and momentum within the global River Collective community and thank all of the River Collective members and sponsors who are supporting us on this journey.

This Students for Rivers Camp and Dart Fest are a collaboration with the Schumacher College and Save Our Rivers, and is supported by our business member NRS and the PackraftTrail, as well as by a grant of Patagonia.