Home River Bioblitz

The next Home River Bioblitz takes place from September 23-25. We invite you to organise your own, local Bioblitz event in collaboration with river lovers around the world. Click the link below to learn everything about The Home River Bioblitz and how to join the worldwide event!



What is the Home River Bioblitz?
A bioblitz is a communal citizen-science effort to record a wide variety of species on a specific location within a certain timeframe. Bioblitzes are a way to connect people to their environments, zooming in to details they normally pass by and at the same time generating useful data for science and conservation. 

The Home River Bioblitz invites people worldwide to this focused on their home river. Thereby, river enthusiasts get the opportunity to go out with their family, friends, and peers, to explore what lives in, on, and around their local rivers. Get an impression of this event by watching the video below.