Online Science Chats


We enjoy bringing together students, researchers, and other curious people. Since the Corona pandemic hit, we were kept in houses and could not meet where we love to be most; next to the river. Therefore, we started to meet online! Here, we exchange stories told through a range of scientific disciplines.

We cover a wide range of topics linked to science and river conservation. We bring in scientists, river defenders, students and other experts. After a 20-30 minutes interview, there is room for participants to ask questions, resulting in a lively discussion on the topic. If you have a topic you would like to bring forward, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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Next up: Movie Night #2 | Activism in Montenegro | 25th of January 8 pm CET

We watch and discuss the movie ‘In Between’, which focuses on a group of activists that fought against illegal waste dumping in the small village in Lim Valley. This group was the first environmental movement since Montenegro gained back it’s independence (in 2006), and their actions can be seen as one of the first social movements through which many citizens of Montenegro emancipated as political subjects.

After the movie, we have a discussion with the director of the movie himself (and activist), Mladen Ivanovic. We will reflect on the role of activism, environment, and democracy and how a movement can grow within a certain context. Did this movement lead to Montenegro citizens outvoting the 30-year long authoritarian regime last August?

The description of the movie on youtube:
Film about planned transforming ecological state into illegal waste dumping.
Film about nation which, for its short-term goals, jeopardize future of its own children.
Film about people who’ve put their lives for Earth, Water and Air.

Watch the trailer here.



Missed out on a topic? Here you can find the recordings of our past Science Chats:


We talked with Ombeline Ogier, Maike Brinksma and Constance Brouillet about their Master theses for which the Balkan Rivers Tour on the Sava was going to be the research ground. In corona times they have to adapt their research from fieldwork to online. We had a discussion on how this is possible to still grasp the Balkan context.

Our first (virtual) Science Chat was with one of our students, Zvone, about his Master’s thesis on ecopolitics. How does the political context in Croatia drive hydropower development? And what does this mean in the current crisis?