Dimitris Papageorgiou

What is your motivation for doing research related to free-flowing rivers?

Anthropogenic destruction has already degraded rivers, lakes and soils in Epirus, the region of Greece where I come from. My love for wildlife and strong willingness to protect and conserve these natural ecosystems is the reason why I decided to take further action and develop a research project with other River Intellectuals in order to keep wild waters flowing.


Why should we defend these wild rivers?

Wild rivers are sources of clean water, food, income, soil fertility, joy, fun…a source of life just the way they naturally are. There is no need to manipulate their shape or character to bring “development”. Wild river ecosystems are incredibly useful for those who don’t see monetary profit and kilowatts as the only form of development. Past experiences can surely prove that dammed rivers no longer provide services to our society, other than electricity to satisfy and nourish our hyper-consuming lifestyles.