Elisabeth Dirninger

What is your motivation for joining the River Collective team?

I studied engineering to contribute to a healthier environment by treating wastewaters or exhaust gases. But I realised that technology is not the missing key point in this race. As a kayaker wild rivers are what I am passionate about and as a nature lover free-flowing rivers are where I experience wilderness. Working with this interdisciplinary and passionate group of River Intellectuals is my motivation to give all my energy to save these rivers.

Why should we defend these wild rivers?

Nature is under threat on the whole planet. The Balkan peninsula is a place where we can still find pure nature and caring people. This combination makes the Balkans a place where we can show the world that we don’t have to repeat all these mistakes, value the natural  processes and give wildlife a chance rather than exploit even the last flowing stream. The pristine rivers of the Balkans have to be protected and kept wild.