Zvonimir Magdić

What is your motivation for doing research related to free-flowing rivers?

I believe in the sacredness of rivers as the blood vessels of the biosphere. Destroying them we break the cycle of life. Electric energy is not the only kind of energy rivers produce. Nutrient cycles that naturally occur in rivers are a part of a much greater energy system than our industrial energy systems are. Having electric energy by any means could destroy our ecosystems and leave us foodless.

Why should we defend these wild rivers?

We should defend these wild rivers because they are wild. Simply this is a good enough reason for me. Destroying them means destroying a lot more than we could imagine. These ecosystems are the last biodiversity hotspots in Europe and as such are priceless. Damming these rivers could have catastrophic consequences on the ecosystems and the climate of the Balkans. I think this can and should be avoided by any means.