Paddler's River Celebrations Map

Félicie will be our artist creating little paintings on the site. Check out her work on instagram @selkie_illustrations. 

Rivers are at the heart of the paddlesport. Without rivers, no kayaking, simple as that. At the Oetz Trophy, the world championships of extreme kayaking, we celebrate a spectacular Alpine river and we celebrate that this river, with all its beauty and biodiversity, brings so many together. The Oetz river is world-famous and attracts kayakers from all continents. During the event, we will zoom out with these athletes and celebrate all the rivers that are special to us, worldwide.

Planning to go to the Oetz Trophy? 
Make sure to step by the River Collective stand on Friday or Saturday between 2-5pm, or throughout Sunday, the River Day. Together, we create a map of the rivers that we kayak around the world, we show their value and the reasons why we protect them from possible threats they face. We highlight river celebrations, events organised by communities of paddlers that unite for the rivers. And, we add in the perspective of the rivers lost due to human alterations. We invite you to add your voice.

Wonder what this Oetz Trophy is about? Check it out following the link below.

This interactive mapping session is supported by NRS, who not only make some amazing gear,
but continuously support paddlers and projects that protect the places we love.