Students for Rivers Camp 2019 Slovenia


In July 2019, the banks of the Soča River in Slovenia became the playground and classroom of the first Students for Rivers Camp during the fourth Balkan Rivers Tour. Twenty-eight students and more than twenty speakers from twenty different nations came together with one common goal: to use their expertise in order to protect the last remaining wild rivers of Europe.

“I basically came here to find out how to help my friend Aoos and its tributaries”

Dimitris Papageorgiou from the Aoos River, Greece


Students and speakers from many different disciplines were invited to evaluate the threat of hydropower development from a wide range of perspectives. These rivers can only be saved by understanding the whole picture.


“This was one of a kind. I really liked the diversity of students and speakers […] The idea of bringing young people together who combine scientific approach with activism, offers an opportunity for science to be used directly in order to ensure countries improve their practices.”

Pippa Gallop, Bankwatch, Croatia


Download the summary report below to get a full impression of this successful first edition of the Students for Rivers Camp.