Students for Rivers Camp | Online

The Students for Rivers Camp is a week-long gathering of students, academics, experts and local river defenders with one common goal: to protect the last remaining wild rivers of Europe through brainstorming, knowledge transfer, and sharing expertise. This year, the Students for Rivers Camp will be held online. Join us for a week of inspiration, learning, participation and activities on your home river!


 SRC Montenegro – Online | September 13-17, 2020

The Home River Bioblitz: September 20, 2020

Doing the Students for Rivers Camp online means that we can host an even more diverse group of river passionates that want to learn how to put their knowledge into action. We can bring you a wider range of expert lecturers that will give valuable insights into the global and local contexts that influence the rivers in Europe and Montenegro. We offer a program that mixes online lectures, workshops, and project development connecting many disciplines, but also takes you out to explore your home river and encourages you to connect with fellow river passionates in your area. You are welcome to join the whole program or to pick the parts that you are interested in.

We planned to organize the Students for Rivers Camp in the Lim and Tara Valleys in Montenegro. Although we cannot go there now due to Covid-19, the focus will still be on this area because:

The contrast between the endangered Lim Valley and the protected Tara Valley illustrates how political priorities and tourist attention can make a difference. 

The rivers that run through these valleys are not only beautiful, but they are still free-flowing and rich in biodiversity. At the same time, they are under environmental threats because of poor management, including dam construction and pollution. 

Local communities and individuals are defending their rivers. We want to see them succeed and provide them with more connections, support, expertise, and fresh ideas. Some communities succeeded in halting hydropower construction, we want to share their stories and think of long term protection.

Montenegro is the only Balkan country and the first country in the world that has declared itself as an “ecological state” in its national constitution. However, the system in Montenegro lacks a long-term strategy. An increasing number of young people are considering leaving the country. Critical thinking is not developed in traditional education – there is a need for visionaries.

Finally, we hoped to join Kayakfest Tara, which is the ultimate opportunity to celebrate Montenegrin rivers together with locals and nature lovers. If the situation allows, this festival will still take place and it would be a great way for you to get to know the Tara. In May 2021, Lim is the stage for a river event, namely the Lim Regatta where people paddle down the Lim, crossing borders, a tradition of centuries. We will join this regatta and focus the Student Project Pilots to happen around this event. 


We offer a program that consists of different online and offline elements. You can choose to get in the flow and join all of the activities or pick the ones that are of interest to you. Make sure you have a look at the ‘Do it yourself SRC’ to turn this week into a fun, interactive experience where you can connect to other river passionates close to home. 

The times in the program are in CEST. Where possible, the sessions take place in the afternoon to allow people from the Americas to join since we also received many applications from this side of the globe. Open sessions will be recorded, so if it’s not convenient for you to join, you will be able to view the recordings.

You can now add all events to your personal calendar by clicking on this link so you don’t have to worry about time zones 😉


Find more information on all of the elements below, and pick your parts!


Corruption is a known driver for hydropower development that is hard to grasp for some and an impossible battle to others. Play ‘the Valley’ with some friends and learn how corruption plays its role. Hilarious moments guaranteed that result in good discussions.


In this session, we will look at the state of river protection in the Balkans, Montenegro, and the Lim valley. With a panel of experts, we discuss the role of corruption and what can be done to better protect the rivers. 


On Monday, we will watch Wolves at the Border from Martin Páv (watch the trailer), followed by a discussion.
On Tuesday, it is time to make a movie theater of your own living room, kayak or university club. 


We gather for a short introduction in which we learn about the basic tools of ethnography, including some examples of projects that use this lens to look at rivers. You can then join one of our workshops where you will participate in the creation of an ecopolitical map of Europe or a river zine (small magazine).


This day will be like a scavenger hunt around your home river. Fun to do alone, but better to take some friends along. Make sure to keep this day free and pick your favorite place to hang out/walk around a river close to home.


This day is your moment to put your knowledge into action.With the background knowledge of Monday’s talks and the exploration of various out of the box methodologies, it is time to discuss your ideas with fellow students. The project pitches in the evening are open to all!


Go out and explore your local river on the 20th of september during this world-wide citizen science event.


If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us at any time.