SRC Marañón

The first Students for Rivers Camp in South America! In 2024 we invite 10 students from various disciplines to a two-week program on the Marañón River in Peru. This immersive program is designed to deepen your understanding of rivers and their critical role in our natural world, with a particular focus on the Marañón case. The Marañón River is currently subject to a law proposal by Conservamos por Naturaleza aiming for its long-term protection after years of looming threats from large dam projects. This moment presents a unique opportunity to engage the younger generation in the protection of the Marañón River and be inspired to turn knowledge into action.

As this program requires significantly more funding, we would love to already hear from interested participants and their opportunities to get financial support. You can fill in the form below to let us know!

The Students for Rivers Camp Marañón will bring 10 participants on a journey from the Andes to the Amazon, accompanied by a team of experts spanning various fields of knowledge. At the core of the exploration lies a fundamental question: “What does it mean for the Marañón to remain free-flowing?”.
Through workshops, expert lectures, and crossdisciplinary exchanges among participants, you learn about the river from various perspectives.

Furthermore, this program offers a platform to translate your knowledge into actionable project ideas that will contribute to the campaign for the Marañón’s long-term protection. As both experts and participants represent a wide range of educational backgrounds and cultural diversity, the program nurtures the development of interdisciplinary project ideas that combine science, art, and conservation.

For more information, you can download a project summary in English or in Spanish Spanish.