SRC Lecture and Panel Discussion


Talk and Panel Discussion | River Conservation in Montenegro | Monday September 14th, 2pm – 4pm CET | Zoom

What are the main pressures on rivers in these areas? Why are there so many hydropower plants planned and supported by politicians? Who is against these projects and what are their arguments? Why do people stand up or remain silent? What are their rights? What is the role of corruption?

Montenegro, surrounded by the Adriatic sea and the mountains, famous for its green forests and blue rivers. The first country to declare itself an “ecological state”, proud of its nature and of its rivers. But is it all as great as it sounds?

In this introductory session, we will learn more about Montenegro, its history and heritage, its relationship with nature, the challenges and pressures that its rivers face, and the opportunities and hope that the current epidemiological and environmental crisis can bring to its people.

Finally, we will discuss what role the socio-economic context of Montenegro and the Balkans, and more specifically corruption, play in the hydropower development boom.

Vuk Iković (biologist and activist) – LinkedIn
Srđan Perić (professor in language and literature, former member of parliament of MNE) – LinkedIn

dr. Özge Can Doğmuş (sociology and geography expert) – Research Gate
Danilo Mrdak (activist from the Lim valley)
Denis Mekić (activist from the Lim valley)
Pippa Gallop (international public finance expert) – BankWatch
prof. dr. Milenko Popović (economics expert) – Research Gate
Vladimir Novović (activist from Bare Kraljske)