SRC Workshops | Student Projects


Student Projects Development | Thursday September 16th, 10am – 5pm CET | Zoom and Slack
This day is your moment to put your knowledge into action. Next year in May, we will go to Montenegro to enjoy the river during the locally organized Lim Regatta (a rafting descent of the Lim river). This will set the stage where you can pilot your own project. This can range from citizen science to education and from river (quality) assessments to walking rivers. This workshop will be the kick-off of a trajectory where you will be supported in the development of projects, from idea to execution.

With the background knowledge of Monday’s talks and the exploration of various out of the box methodologies, it is time to discuss your ideas with fellow students. On this day, we start with some brainstorming, and using slack as an environment, you can work on your ideas together. Several experts will join to answer questions directly. We will create the space and infrastructure, but it is up to you to bring your ideas to life.

This workshop will be limited in the number of participants to allow for worthwhile interaction. We welcome students that are motivated to work on a project towards May 2021 and give priority to the ones that applied for the SRC in Montenegro.

Please register through the general registration form and we will contact you to be part of the SLACK workspace.

Student Project Pitches | Thursday September 16th, 8pm – 10pm CET | Zoom
The project ideas that were developed during the day, will be pitched to a wide audience. Feel free to join and learn how the students plan to put their knowledge into action.