Support the Students for Rivers Camp


Last year’s Students for Rivers (SRC) at the Soča River in Kobarid, Slovenia was a great success! It inspired and motivated our team to such an extent that we are now organising the second SRC in Montenegro.

A lack of funding will not stop us. However, funding will greatly help us to involve (local) students that could not finance themselves to attend. Funding will also help us safeguard the continuation of the student-driven projects that result from the close collaboration with local river defenders during the camp.  You can help us create this camp into a success, making a change for the local people in the Lim Valley and inspiring a new generation of river advocates.


Organize a Fundraiser

Are you convinced that this Camp should take place and believe in our goal to connect more river defenders to the academic world? The best way to contribute is to organise a presentation, movie screening, or discussion for your friends and colleagues or at your university. This way, more people learn why it is necessary to study river systems before destroying them. Selling some beers could be a good way to raise funds at the same time. We would be eager to help you set this up and provide you with media, maybe during the DIY movie night?

Corporate support

Does your company identify itself with our goals? We’d be happy to hear from you to discuss potential partnerships! Please get in touch and we will send you our Sponsorship Package!