Through the Eye of a River

Discover five rivers on three continents

Immerse yourself in the world of rivers, experience their flora and fauna and let yourself be taken on the journey of a kingfisher from South America to Europe and Asia. Through the Eye of a River lets us discover the waterways of the world.

This Leporello book offers river experiences on almost 3.5 metres. It leads us along five different rivers – the Río Azul, the Rhine, the Ötz, the Amazon and the Melamchi – and illustrates them as the home of man and nature. In search of his home, the kingfisher literally dives into the rivers and, in multifaceted illustrations, reveals the everyday life of indigenous children in the Amazon, the drinking water situation of the people in Kathmandu and the exploitation of alpine rivers for electricity generation.

In terms of both content and illustrations, the book presents colourful perspectives on human life with rivers. Whether you explore the full-page illustrations of your favourite river, hang them up in your room or jointly browse all five rivers with friends, this vivid book offers a fun river experience in numerous pictures for everyone who is interested in rivers and wants to get to know them better.

The illustrated book is suitable for workshops and courses as well as for private use.
A teaching guide (translated into different languages) can be downloaded via a link ( It provides the scientific background knowledge to the illustrations.

The idea for the book was initiated in the workshop of the Students for Rivers Camp of the River Collective. This is a truly international project in which the sale support the River Collective and the Free Rivers Fund in the conservation of the last free-flowing rivers.